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Daniela Ballestra is a illustrator and author based in Italy. After graduating in Teaching school, she attended the illustration course at "The International Institute of Comics" in Rome and many specialised children books illustration courses and workshops in Sarmède (TV), Venice, Macerata and Padua. She was selected  in many national and international competitions for children’s book such as: “Bologna children’s book fair”, “Scarpetta d’oro”, “Sulle ali delle farfalle” Bordano (Ud), “Calabria incantata”. Furthermore she won the first prize at the exhibition “Cartacanta” at Civitanova Marche (MC) in 2006. She worked for many international publishing houses such as: Kyowon (South Korea), Oxford University Press (South Africa), Sensoinverso (Italy), Mascot Books (Usa).
As volounter she illustrated many educational books for "Arca 2000" (animal rights company)
She loves nature, animals, reading books, travelling and, of course, illustrating and writing fairytales. She is president of " Arca 2000" an Italian company for the animals rights.
She is represented by Milan Illustrations agency

Adeline Abigail Adams (Mascot Books - Usa)
illustrator Daniela Ballestra
author Monica Brown
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